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But he showed a special interest in visiting the local Franciscan friary at the church of San Bernardino within a block of the Serra family house.

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Attending the friars ' primary school at the church, Miquel learned reading, writing, mathematics, Latin, religion and liturgical songespecially Gregorian chant. Gifted with a good voice, he eagerly took to vocal music. The friars sometimes let him join the community choir and sing at special church feasts.

fogyás carmel ca

Miquel and his father Antonio often visited the friary for friendly chats with the Franciscans. A year later, he became a novice in the Franciscan order.

fogyás carmel ca

On September 14,some two months before his 17th birthday, Serra entered the Franciscan Order at Palma, [18] [19] specifically, the Alcantarine branch of the Friars Minor, a reform movement in the Order.

The slight and frail Serra now embarked on his novitiate period, a rigorous year of preparation to become a full member of the Franciscan Order.

He was given the religious name of Junípero in honor of Brother Juniperwho had been among the first Franciscans and a companion of Francis of Assisi. He still had seven years fogyás carmel ca go to become an ordained Catholic priest.

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He immersed himself in rigorous studies of logic, metaphysics, cosmology, and theology. The friars would wake up every midnight for another round of chants.

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Serra's superiors discouraged letters and visitors. He followed the news of famous missionaries winning beatification and sainthood. InSerra became a priest, and three years later earned an ecclesiastical license to teach philosophy at the Convento de San Francisco. His philosophy course, including over 60 students, lasted three years.

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Among his students were fellow future missionaries Francisco Palóu and Juan Crespí. He received a doctorate in theology from the Lullian College founded in the 14th century by Ramon Lull for the training of Franciscan missionaries in Palma de Majorca, where he also occupied the Duns Scotus chair of philosophy until he joined the missionary College of San Fernando de Fogyás carmel ca in Serra sometimes went home from Palma for brief visits to his parents—now separated—and gave them some financial support.

fogyás carmel ca

On one occasion he was called home to anoint his seriously ill father with the last rites. In one of his final visits to Petra, Serra found his younger sister Juana María near death. Serra, now 35, was assured a prestigious career as priest and scholar if he stayed in Majorca; but he set his fogyás pubertás firmly on pagan lands.

Applying to the colonial bureaucracy in Madrid, Serra requested that both he and Palóu embark on a foreign mission. After weathering some administrative obstacles, they received permission and set sail for Cádizthe port of departure for Spain's colonies in the Americas.

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Now is not the time to muse or fret over the happenings of life but rather to be conformed entirely to the will of God, striving to prepare themselves for that happy death which of all the things of life is our principal concern.

To get from Veracruz to Mexico City, Serra and his Franciscan companions took the Camino Real English: royal patha rough road stretching from sea level through tropical forests, dry plains, high plateaus and volcanic sierra mountains to an altitude of feet meters. Royal officials provided horses for the 20 Franciscan friars to ride up the Camino Real. All accepted the offer, except for Serra and one companion, a friar from Andalusia.

fogyás carmel ca

Strictly following the rule of his patron saint Francis of Assisi that friars "must not ride on horseback unless compelled by manifest necessity or infirmity," Serra insisted on walking to Mexico City. He and his fellow friar set out on the Camino Real with no money or guide, carrying only their breviaries.

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They trusted in Providence and the hospitality of local people along the way. Arriving at a farm at day's end, he could hardly stand. He attributed the swelling to a mosquito bite.

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His discomfort caused him to stay over at the farm another night, during which he scratched his foot and leg to excess, desperately fogyás carmel ca to relieve the itch. The next morning his leg was raw and bleeding. This wound plagued Serra for the rest of his life. Serra requested that he do his novitiate year again—despite his academic prestige, and the fact that the college's novices were far younger men.

fogyás carmel ca

Though his request was declined, Serra insisted on living as a novice at San Fernando: "This learned university professor Or he would humbly carry trays and wait on tables with the lay brothers. Before completing his required year of training, Serra volunteered for a mission in the rugged Sierra Gorda, to help replace friars who had recently died there.

fogyás carmel ca

He was accepted as mission superior.