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Main article: Bowral, New South Wales Bowral is considered the commercial centre of the Highlands and may be the most well-known towns of the Highlands. Bowral is well known for its boutiquesgourmet restaurants, Corbett Gardens and renowned Springetts Arcade.

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The Bradman Museum is a tribute museum to Australian cricketer Sir Donald Bradman who grew up in and spent his early life in Bowral until his fame. The museum contains artifacts of Bradman's life and also serves as a museum of cricket and contains historical cricket memorabilia.

Southern Highlands (New South Wales)

The museum is located adjacent to Bradman Oval where the Australian Cricket Team play a friendly game annually. The Fitroy Falls reserve offers lookouts of the waterfall and of panoramic views of the Morton National Park.

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The waterfall and village is located near the lake Fitzroy Reservoir. The facility is a m long and 25m fogyás craigieburn walk facility that opened in mid The project consists of a m walk.

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Moreover, m of the m walk is 25m high among the Fogyás craigieburn and many other trees of the temperate rainforest of the Budderoo National Park and Illawarra Escarpment. In addition, the project has a 45m high lookout along with the walk that offers panoramic views far south to Bass Point and as fogyás craigieburn as north to Bundeena which is part of south of the Sutherland Shire.

The town was established in the s by the Australian Kerosene Oil and Mineral Company as Joadja valley's walls contained a vast reserve of shale.

Notably, the town back in its time was one of the most populous towns in the Highlands. However, at the turn of the century when the shale ran out, the town's population began to dwindle and the town would be eventually abandoned by the early s.

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Notably, it was one of the first rural towns in New South Wales to be connected to the telephone. Joadja's legacy still remains with many of the historical buildings remaining in ruin such as some of the miners' cottages, a school house, church, cemetery and refinery devices such as shale ovens.

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These ovens are protected and is World Heritage listed. Manor houses[ edit ] The Southern Highlands has a reputation of being an upscale area due to its upscale-style accommodation which include reputable resorts such as Craigieburn, Briars, Berida Manor House and Peppers Manor House.

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Each of these places are historical and have a historic significance to the local area. Morton National Park[ edit ].

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